Art that Amazes

Art that Amazes

By Directors Ole Bech Jensen, Jacob Storch and Jens Egdal, Hamboll

Back in 2006, we faced a new situation where we had to gather and integrate several business units at ane address at Olof Palmes Alle in Aarhus. The different business units each brought along their own culture, history and traditions. We evaluated a number of different options to unite the group. Was it betler to build a new tower block separate from the existing building, or should we try to gather all employees under the same roof? We chose to involve the employees in the decision-making process.

Pluskontoret a/s Architects and SIGNAL Architects aps were hired to compose a needs analysis among key employees from each department. This opened up for a constructive dialogue about the different departments' demands for space, decor and flexibility. It became clear thai we all wanted to be under the same roof. In the programming of the house we worked intensely with visual atmosphere and storytelling.

The vision was to create a house with inspiration and knowledge sharing in pride of place. A house thai created new experiences for employees and customers and a house with room for differ­ences. We needed something thai could bring us Gloser to one another, challenge the traditions and create a warm and pleasant atmosphere. We needed something that could also break the masculine, hard shapes with glass, natura! stone and concrete thai characterised the building. For !his reason we decided to arrange an art competition.

Already at our first meeting we were keen on Maria Dubin's organic idea with flowers in a land­scape that illustrates our growth ambitions, ability to plant a seed as well as our international horizon. Maria wanted to create a work of art with a simple expression and the motives would best support this in black and white tones.

She told us about her idea to work on location, and we realised that it would be the perfect completion of our new house. This way the employees had the chance to gel a unique insight in an artist's work, and we could get even cl oser to one another by gathering around the wall. During the process, guests, customers and course participants also followed the art process with great interest. With her unrivalled and warm-hearted nature, Maria charmed her way into everyone's hearts in the house and created what we had hoped for: Art that amazes. ■