Curriculum Vitae – Maria Dubin

Born in Gentofte, Denmark, grew up in L.A and Stubbekøbing.

Lives and works presently in Copenhagen.



Student of Professor Erling Frederiksen and Christian Magle, Glyptoteket, Copenhagen

Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux Arts, Paris, 1983 - 1987, atelier Professor Senelar and Professor Silvestri

Studied and worked with ceramics, mosaic and tapestry during a five-year stay in Tunisia. 1996 – 2001

Maria is also working on “Seahorse Symphony” Five videos in collaboration with the composer Frederik Magle, created in five different countries, where a woman of each country is wearing the same red dress in very different surroundings.

The first video/movement is completed in Nis, Serbia, the second in Copenhagen, Rungsted and Sophienholm in Denmark

Maria is the founder of the art movement ARTUNITE, uniting artists in all disciplines in creating work for people in difficult life situations.

Maria has lived in France (10 years), USA (14 years), Belgium (1 year), Bulgaria (1 year), and Tunisia (5 years) is now based in Denmark and continues to work worldwide.


Selected Solo exhibitions – site specific works, *with publication

2023 Completion of "The Secret Garden", paintings, collage, paravents, glas-work,film, floor decoration, light and color composition, The main hospital, Rigshospitalet, Denmark*

2023 "Symphony",new paintings, Musikhuset, Copenhagen, Denmark

2023 "The Old Convent Garden in the Tunis Medina", Fahrenheit Gallery, Carthage, Tunisia*

2022 "The Spanish Garden", Gallery Peltier,, Copenhagen, Denmark

2022 "Drawings from the Tunis Medina" pop up Darmeso Artist Residency, Tunisia

2022 "Tactile Metamorphosis" Holmegaard Works Museum, Denmark*

2021 "Garden and Mountain Drawings" pop up Beckett Foundation, Andalusia, Spain

2021 "Tactile Metamorphose" pop -up , The Factory for Art and Design, Copenhagen, Denmark

2021 Textile Circularity, Art & Technology, Holmegaard Works Museum, Denmark*

2020 "Take a walk in the Park" Holmegaard Works Museum, Denmark*

2020 “Take a walk in the Park” Art Academy, Fyen, Denmark *


2019/20 “Tania Blixen´s Blumen” Kunst im Kapellengang, Uniklinikum, Giessen, Germany *

“The Secret Garden”, gesamtkonstwerk, site specific work, Rigshospitalet, Denmark,

“Les Fleur de Karen Blixen”, Librairie galerie Fahrenheit 451, Tunisia *

“The Marsa Mural” private collection, Tunisia.

“Træet” site-specific painting Støvring library, Denmark


2018 “Microscopic Feast” commission painting, CEA, Science center and University Paris


2017 “Karen Blixens Blomster”, Karen Blixen Museum, Rungsted, Denmark*

“La Arbre Rouge de ma Mere”, Clean Earth Capital, Serbia


2016, Retrospective of public works painted in schools in Northern Jutland, during a 10-year period. Dronninglund Kunstcenter, DK*,

Mural, Inflectional dicease department,Rigshospital,Copenhagen,DK


2015 Mural, Oncologic Institute, Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Denmark


2014 ”The Message of the Flower – is the flower” Galleri Hegnhøj and Blyme, Copenhagen, Denmark

”The Message of the Seahorse – is the seahorse”, Litera, Nis, Serbia


2013 “Seahorse Symphony – Why Fish never cease to Inspire” keynote speaker and exhibition, Copenhagen University

“Seahorse Symphony” at Centro de las Artes de San Augustin, Oaxaca, Mexico


2012 “World in Denmark – City Plantastic” keynote speaker and exhibition, Copenhagen University

“Life Paintings” at Hospice Djursland, Denmark*


2011 “The Haeckel Paintings” where included in the Rambøll collection

Completion of “The Wall”, 1000m2 calligraphic wall painting, Rambøll, Aarhus, Denmark*


2009 “Akvarium” CCA Center, Andratx – Mallorca, Spain

“The Erotic Garden” mural, private home Luxembourg

“Respecting Mother Earth” mural, Novozymes, Bostad – Sweden


2008 “The Fungus Paintings” Belgrade Museum of Natural history, Belgrade – Serbia

“The Organic Paintings” Novozymes, Curitiba – Brazil

“The Glass Wall”, Athens, private collection – Greece

“Elskovshaven”, mural, private collection, Luxembourg

“Urania Paintings” Kunsten, North Jutlands Art Museum, Aalborg


2007 “Science Paintings” Novozymes, North Carolina – USA

“Belgrade Pillars – the Garden with in” Belgrade – Serbia

Drawings for the Bulowsvej mural, Life, Copenhagen University


2006 “Feed more Geese and get Rich”,Novozymes, Beijing – China

“The African Paintings” Aalborg Zoo, Aalborg

“Dialogue in the Dark – The Paintings” Experimentarium-Science Centre, Copenhagen – Denmark

“The Bacteria Mural”, Novozymes, Bagsværd, DK

“The Paul Paintings” Tivoli, Copenhagen – Denmark


2005 “The Fungus Paintings” Botanical Garden, Copenhagen – Denmark

“Animals” ink drawings, Copenhagen Zoo, Denmark

Ink Drawings & Paintings Museum of Natural History, Copenhagen


2004 “Greek Gods and Myths”, Olympic Games, Athens – Greece*


2003 “And the Dragons follow me around” Mungopark Theater, Allerød  “Manhattan, Marsa, Marseille” Parkart Gallery, Marseille – France


2001 “Måleri, Textil, Mosaik” National Museum of History, Stockholm*


2000 “Bateau Espoir” Belverdere Museum, Tunis – Tunisia*

“Petits Bateaux”, Cherif Fine Arts Gallery, Sidi Bou Said – Tunisia


1999 “Les Dragons de la Marsa” Mille Feuilles Gallery, La Marsa Tunisia*


1998 “La Madone, le Poisson et le Dragon” Museum of Sidi Bou Said Tunisia


1997 “Mabrouka” Latexco, Tielt – Belgium

“1001 Nuits” Wijnhoven Gallery, Brugge – Belgium


1996 “Circles in Circles” Cirque Romanes, Paris – France


1995 “Portraits- People I know” Art Senal, Issy – les Moulineaux – France


1994 Europe Factory Montreuil – Frankrig

1992 Politikens Art collection Copenhagen – Denmark


1990 “Ingen vej fra Vallingby” Gallery Plaisiren, Stockholm – Sweden

“Portraets’ Gallery Projekt Copenhagen – Denmark


1989 “The Mermaid” Praia Culture Center, Cap Verde


1988 “Hyldest til Alfred”, Gallery Marius, Copenhagen – Denmark

Maleri og Musik Collaboration with the pianist Tove Jakobsen,

Dronninglund Castle,  Fuglsang, Lolland – Denmark

1987 Tuborg Art Collection Copenhagen – Denmark


Selection of group shows;

2018 workshop and exhibition, Kairoun,Tunisa

2017 workshop and exhibiton, Gafsa, Tunisia

Film premiere of the ARTUNITE movement’s first collaboration, Vanlose kulturcenter, Denmark

2016 The first ARTUNITE event, Kongelunden refugee camp, Denmark

2007 “The Apple Paintings”, Kunsten-i-Maden Festival, Aros, Aarhus

2004 – 2002 The Fabels of Jean de la Fontaine

Meyerhoff Gallery, Maryland Institute of Art, Baltimore – USA;

The Jacob Lawrence Gallery, University of Washington, Seattle – USA;

Temple University, Rom – Italy;

American University Gallery, Aix en Provence – France

2002 Le Sept La Maison de Quaregnon, Belgium

2000 Terra Moretti Sculpture Award Bresica – Italy

1999 “Morir Sonando” Varick Str. Gallery, New York – USA

1998 Ceramique Galleri Sargadelas, Milano – Italy

1997 Salon de Paris Cairo – Egypt

1996 Àrt in Containers Brugge – Belgium

1994 Fantastic Wanderings New York Painters, Cummings Art Center, Connecticut – USA

1992 Group Show Test Site Gallery, Brooklyn, NewYork – USA

1991 Scandinaves Contemporain Albi – France

1989 Stenninge Gruppen Bonneluches Pakhus, Nysted – Denmark

1989 Stenninge Gruppen Mjallby Konstgård, Mjallby – Sveden

1988 Forårsudstillingen Charlottenborg, Copenhagen – Denmark

1987 Scandinaves a Paris Galleri de l´Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris –France

1986 Fuglsang, Lolland – Denmark

1984 Cite Universitaire Paris – France


Selection of murals and public works:

“The Wall” 1000m2 calligraphy wall in the Ramboll main office in Aarhus, Denmark

“Curiosity Cabinet” large ink drawings on the walls of Skørping School, Denmark

“The Whale” oil on canvas, 2 x 5 m, Copenhagen University, Denmark

The Science Paintings”, 2 x 5 m, North Carolina, USA

“Noah’s Ark”, oil on canvas, 4 x 8 m, Aalborg Hospital, Denmark

“Feed more Geese and get Rich” oil on canvas, 2 x 5 m, Novozymes, Beijing, China

“Dialog in the Dark”, oil on canvas 4 x 8 m, Science Center, Copenhagen, Denmark

The Brazilian Paintings” Novozymes, Curitiba, Brazil

“The International Alphabet and the Sea”, Glas, cobber, painting, stone and light The Main Building, Business Park Sofia, Bulgaria

“The Glass Wall” Laminated painted glass, Somers Collection, Belgium

“The Brugge painting” The Maes Family Collection, Brugge, Tielt – Belgium

“Bruges et la Mer” Ceramic relief, The Maes Family Collection, Brugge – Belgium

“Manhattan” Painting, Philip H. Bay private collection, earlier Radio City New York, Sofia – Bulgaria


Art Direction for theater and film:

2014 Woman in Red – Seahorse Aria”, Nis, Serbia

1996 The Ballet, “Handle with care, life inside” Dallas, Texas – USA

1994 Collaboration with students in the dance department at the Juilliard School, New York – USA

1993 La mere d’Icar Theatre Espace Acteur, Paris – France

1992 “Quartier Mozart” Motion picture, Cameroun

1990 “Want me not” Motion picture, England

1989 Collaboration with the students at London International Film School

1987 “Antigone” Theatre Internationale Cite Universitaire, Paris – France

1984 Ørbæk Revyen, Ørbæk – Denmark