Woman in Red

Woman in Red - Seahorse Aria

Maria and the Danish composer Frederik Magle are working together on "Woman in Red - Seahorse Symphony."

"Woman in Red - Seahorse Aria" is filmed  on a former military base in Nis, Serbia, and is the first of the five films/movements of the Seahorse Symphony. Each artpiece will be created in a different country.

“Woman in Red – Seahorse Aria”

She has walked with us forever. Making wasteland green again. Bringing back the music to places muted by fear.

In a cyclic eternity life returns, cracks are covered by grass and there is a new morning to us who are willing to put on that red dress or to carefully observe a nearly extinct sea living horse.

Maria Dubin’s art piece Woman in red, Seahorse Aria with music by Fredrik Magle is a celebration to life, love and hope after all, an archetype redefined and a powerful proof that art matters in times of pain and despair.

Producer Birgitta Elfstrom

Woman in Red: Seahorse Aria (2014)

Directed by Maria Dubin. With Jovana Parlic. Composer Frederik Magle.